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"Our vision is to develop a local Football club based on the Ethos that we will never turn a child away regardless of ability. We aim to provide a fun friendly atmosphere, enabling children to develop and enjoy their football."


LATEST NEWS : We continue to negotiate a 25 year  lease with Sutton Council so we can attract additional funding for the refurbishment of the Pavilion at Corrigan Ave. this process has been hampered by the councils rapid turn over of personnel , and their inability to understand that the lease on the building must not compromise the future of the football club.

We can see the condition that it has been left in for some time. £60,000 pounds is what the council have spent maintaining its present condition.



You will notice that the pavilion has started to undergo a face lift to improve its appearance. Please bear with us whilst we paint the outside in our club colours

Our thanks goes out to chairman Lee Byatt who is currently painting the building in his spare time.

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