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Parents' Code of Conduct

We as a Club are committed to the Football Association's RESPECT campaign and therefore would request that all parents challenge and eliminate unacceptable behaviour from our game. To assist with this and provide further understanding we advise logging on to the FA's website>getinvolved>respect  and take part in the respect educational section.

Coulsdon Athletic also provide our own guidelines in removing physical and verbal abuse from children’s football.


  • Understand that children play football for their own enjoyment and not yours. They are not there to entertain you and they are not all miniature David Beckhams


  • DO NOT play your football through them.


  • Encourage your child to play within the laws of the game and to learn from the rather than argue with match officials. Ensure that you understand the laws of the game to better understand what you are watching and commenting on.


  • Educate your child that honest effort is more important than winning, so that the result of each game may be accepted without undue disappointment.


  • Never ridicule or berate your child for making a mistake or a disappointing result.


  • Remember children learn by example. Applaud all good play whether by your own team or the opposition. Respect your opponents. Treat others as you like to be treated.

  • DO NOT question the referee's judgement or their honesty. Remember that they are human and we all make honest mistakes.


  • Maintain high standards of behaviour. Refrain from the use of foul language and do not harass physically or verbally abuse players, managers, coaches referees or officials.


  • Recognised the value, importance and commitment of the managers and coaches who provide the opportunity, free of charge, for your child to play football.


  • Remember a manager has the interests of all the children and the team to consider. Managers' decisions are often made making allowances for factors that you are not aware of.


  • Support your managers on match days. Putting up and taking down the nets and corner flags can be a great help providing more time for the coach to prepare the team.


  • Support fund raising events . These enable us to keep the cost low for your child to play football.


Club President  Derek Harris |

Club Chairman Lee Byatt |


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