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Players Code of Conduct

“ Congratulations ,on signing as player for Coulsdon Athletic Football Club we are committed as a club that you are able to enjoy your foot ball in a safe friendly environment .

We ask. You  as a player to read through our Players Codes of Conduct ,remembering that you are only one of a number of players that represents this club at all levels remembering that your actions may have an effect on you, your team and other players and teams

Wear your Coulsdon Athletic Shirt with pride, helping to maintain the high standards of this football club.

Always play to enjoy your football”


Remembering to


  • Play within the laws of the game


  • Never argue with the referees ,assistant referees (linesperson) or any other officials, avoiding actions or words  that may mislead match officials.


  • Control you temper avoid inappropriate language.  Always avoiding violence.


  • Always act in a sporting manner, recognise and appreciate good play within your team or your opponents team.


  • Take responsibility for your own performance.


  • Encourage your team mates at all times, be positive we all do not make errors on purpose.


  • Co-operate at all times with your manager, coach, officials, team mates and opponents. Remembering that with out any of those people you wont have a game.


  • Be prompt when attending games and training sessions as being late can be very disruptive to laid down plans and remember  that others are giving up their time so you can enjoy your football. Inform your managers coaches if you are unable to attend or going to be late.


  • It is your responsibility to come prepared . Boots ,shin pads and hydration are a must to play or to take part in training sessions.


  • Remember we learn by Best Example/Positive. Be a role model for others.. Respect your opponents. Treat as you like to be treated.


  • Always let your manager know if you are suffering from an injury or illness. The sooner you obtain treatmeant the sooner you will be able to play again..


Club President  Derek Harris 25 Brighton Road Coulsdon CR5 2B

Club Chairman Lee Byatt 56 Winifred Road  Coulsdon CR5 3JE

Club Secretary Scott Morley 90 Braemar Ave South  Croydon CR2 OQB                                

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