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Coulsdon Athletic FC

Complaints Procedure

In the event that any individual feels that they have suffered discrimination in any way, or that the Club Polices, Rules or Codes of Conduct have been broken, you should follow the procedures set out below. 


1. Report the matter to the Club Secretary or another member of the clubs committee. Details listed at the foot of this letter.


Your report should include the following details:


  • Details of what, when and where the occurrence took place.

  • Any witness statement and names.

  • Names of any others that have been treated in the similar way.

  • Details of any former complaints made about the incident, including date and when and to whom the complaint was made.

  • A preference for a solution to the incident.


The Clubs Management Committee will respond and act to any reported incidents in the following way : 


  • Will sit to review the reported incidents and initiate any hearings to investigate the matter.

  • Conclude the matter raised with all parties involved.

  • Inform the necessary authorities if required.

Club member punishments include one of the following (depending on the severity of the reported incidents):​

  • Initial warning as to the future conduct of the individual.

  • Suspension from membership of the club until full investigation has completed.

  • Removed from membership of the club should any person be found to have broken the clubs polices or codes of conduct.




Club President  Derek Harris 25 Brighton Road Coulsdon CR5 2B

Club Chairman Lee Byatt 56 Winifred Road  Coulsdon CR5 3JE

Club Secretary Scott Morley 90 Braemar Ave South  Croydon CR2 O QB                                

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